Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


There are 4 sessions: April - May - June - July
The top 5 for each month receive points as follows:  10-8-6-4-2
The Top point -getter after the 4 months will represent "Wizard Cards Live" at the 2018 Wizard World Tournament.
april                                                              May      

1. Warci1 (Germany)      320   10
2. Goldrock (Canada)     237     8
3. kyub4u090 (USA)      123     6
4. fripon2  (France)        107     4
5.kim75 (USA)                94     2

* And don't forget to enjoy the fun at  superquiz.ca

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Give it a try at    superquiz.ca   (register once then join the fun.)

You can handle questions like this:

Monday, March 19, 2018



The “Super Quiz” website continues the popular 3-level format found in the 3 original “Super Quiz” board games and the syndicated “Super Quiz” column. There are over 11,000 questions in a variety of categories.
“Super Quiz” will officially launch on April 1, 2018. Play is divided into 3 month sessions with the initial session ending on June 30, 2018. “Super Points” are awarded for excellent play at the conclusion of each 3-month session.
Daily QuestionsThere may be a sponsor's Q&A shown before the daily quiz starts.
You simply read the sponsor's Q & A.
Next you are shown the first quiz question.
You have 30 seconds to answer each question.
Type the answer in the space below the question then click the arrow to the right to input.

1. Answers containing numbers must be written as numerals. e.g. 1984 not “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

 2. When initials are provided a name must be provided for each letter. e.g. For (Initials M.M.) the answer may be: Matt Munro

 3. If the instruction state: (Provide the first and last name.) both must be correctly provided to be considered correct. e.g. (Provide first and last name.) If the correct answer is “Teddy Kennedy” and the answer given is “John Kennedy” the answer is not correct.

 4. Sometimes the answer will be simplified to fit the format. e.g. The answer may be “Apple” instead of “Apple Computers”.

 5. In some cases there will be more than 1 correct response. The most common response is considered correct. e.g. For what do the letters stand in “ATM”? The accepted response is ‘Automated Teller Machine’ although ‘Adobe Type Manager’ is also correct.

 6. The answer must be provided within the 30 second time limit.

 7. There are 3 questions daily. Normally the first question is the easiest and the final question the hardest.

 8. You are eliminated from the daily quiz if any answer is incorrect.

 9. If the answer provided by ‘Super Quiz” turns out to be unclear or even incorrect it will not be possible to retroactively adjust a player’s points.

10. If an answer is correct it will be indicated as correct. If not, the correct response will be provided.

11. Spelling must be correct. In some cases an answer may be accepted as correct despite a minor spelling error.
E.g. 'Aliteration' may be accepted for 'Alliteration'.

12. Capital letters are not essential for an answer to be correct.

13. You must keep your email address up to date. If it changes and you do not update it your registration may be cancelled.

Contact Us: superquizca@gmail.com

Question 1 A correct answer scores 1 regular point. 
Question 2 A correct answer scores 2 regular points. 
Question 3 A correct answer scores 3 regular points. 

 100 regular points are converted into 1 Super point. 
 The “Top 5” Session winners receive: 
1. 10 Super Points 
2. 8 Super Points 
3. 6 Super Points 
4. 4 Super Points 
5. 2 Super Points 
 The Super Points are permanent and enable players to attain various levels of “Superdom”.
 000-100 S.P. ........Freshman Level 
101-200 S.P.........Graduate Level 
201-300 S.P.........Ph.D. Level 

 Sessions: Each session is 3 months in length.
At the start of each session all players start with zero regular points.
 Contact Us: superquizca@gmail.com 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Entry form for 2018 Wizard Live Tournament

You can represent "Wizard Live" at the 2018 Wizard World Championships!

The World Wizard Tournament is an annual event. This year it will be held in Europe at a location and date yet to be decided upon. Previous locations have included Riga, Budapest, Athens and Frankfurt.

Participation is normally restricted to two representatives from any one country. For 2018 one spot is being made available to a member of the Wizard Cards Live multiplayer community. To enter please fill out the form below and click "submit". The best players from Wizard Cards Live between the dates 1st April and 31st July will be approached based on their cumulative score with positions for each month counting 10-8-6-4-2. The winner will be notified in August 2018.

Air-fare, ground transfer and two nights accommodation expenses will be covered for the winning participant.

In the event the player with the most points isn't available the opportunity will pass to the next best player and so on.

So fill in the form. What do you have to lose? Entry is free and we won't spam your email to marketing firms.



Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wizard Cards Live Tournament


“Wizard Cards Live’ is an android app that enables online play of the popular “Wizard Card Game”.
Players can select to play versus A.I. or against other real players.

“Wizard Cards Live Tournament”
The 2018 Wizard Live Tournament will be held over a four-month period extending from April 1 through to July 31. Each month will be scored separately. The top 5 players based on points at the end of each month will receive “Tournament Credits” as follows: 10-8-6-4-2
At the end of July the player who has the most Tournament points is the winner.
PRIZE: The winner will be invited to attend the “WORLD WIZARD TOURNAMENT” in Europe at a location and date yet to be determined. The prize includes round-trip airfare to the tournament, transfers to and from the airport and two night’s accommodation. The Tournament host will provide additional complimentary goodies.
*The prize is not transferable and has no cash value. If the top player is unable to attend for any reason there is no recompense and the prize goes to the next player in line.

You could be the representative of the “Wizard Cards Live” app at the 2018 tournament. Start by downloading the “Wizard Cards Live” app ($2.99 U.S.) and start playing. You’ll be all set for the 3 month tournament that begins on April 1. Good luck!

Wizard Cards Live Tournament 2018
1. All participants must treat each other respectfully.
2. Players are honor bound not to cheat. Directors will investigate and cheaters will be disqualified from the event.
3. Purposefully attempting to score fewer points in order to benefit another person is subject to disqualification.
4. The top 5 winners of each month must provide the following details to the directors within 1 week of the win.
(a) email address
(b) Real name
(c) City or town of residence.:
*This information will not be shared with other parties.
5. If the eventual winner is unable to attend the event he/she must notify the director before the end of August.
6. Questions and/or problems, email: wizardjester@gmail.com

How do I earn points?
You can play as many games as you want. You gain (or lose) points based on your placement in games as outlined below.
The scoring system awards a player 1 point for every person below him and subtracts 1 point for every player above him.
The scoring system awards a player 1 point for every person below him and subtracts 1 point for every player above him.